SEO Strategy A WordPress Overview

SEO Strategy a WordPress Overview

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SEO Strategy a WordPress Overview

The most commonly thought of SEO strategy is based on a desire to achieve the highest possible page 1 Google ranking.

This is hardly surprising since the majority of Google search traffic goes to the highest ranked websites. Does it mean that all the other websites are not getting any visitors and if so why are there many other websites listed by Google?

Presumably, there is a lot of unrelated website traffic that doesn’t rely on search engines. Therefore any investment in SEO should be looked at as an alternative to advertising and other methods of bringing visitor traffic to your website.

The time, effort and cost the of the SEO should be weighed against the traffic SEO opportunity and compared with the traffic that another strategy like paid advertising would provide.

Basic SEO Strategy

Pure play marketing websites tend to focus on search traffic opportunities. Finding a niche with a valuable keyword domain name and creating the type of content that is designed to achieve the top ranking position.

The reward for this strategy is free traffic and 7/24/365 and sales with little or no overhead. The fact is there’s generally a lot more that goes into finding an attractive product and a lucrative niche.

Whatever strategy that’s being considered building a search engine friendly website, submitting it. Also following the correct submission process for ongoing updates is the best way to stay attractive to Google.

Google is particular in the way it assesses websites. Therefore it’s not a good idea to upset Google with an unintended infringement of its requirements. Google tends to ignore sites that don’t comply with its requirements and this is a situation that should be avoided.

The process outlined in my SEO basics blog is the most efficient way of obtaining the best search engine submission results. The SEOPressor is designed to make this the least painful and most effective for WordPress websites.

Let me be clear about this. The most cost-effective way of bringing high-quality traffic to get opt-in leads and website sales is to have your keywords optimized for density, placement, and SE attractiveness. Much of the reason for the high failure rate in online marketing is because this is not understood. The same keywords are used for online advertising and therefore web page keyword layout also adds authority and validation for these visitors.

Link Wheel SEO Strategies

Building an internet presence, a brand and becoming an internet celebrity that attracts traffic is a more complex longer-term strategy.

Building a brand is about creating and dominating your own search engine category. Blogging, adding video, joining social networks like Facebook and Twitter creating authority is a strategy to bring traffic to your website.

Called a link wheel strategy social networking activity can now be easily transmitted through many webs 2.0. Website membership groups so that for example a website blog is distributed to public blogging sites, is tweeted and liked on Facebook.

This strategy enables one website initiative to be automatically broadcast to a wide audience of interested prospects, the object being to achieve a viral attraction, escalating subscribers, and sales.

Both Internal and external links containing category keywords are an important ingredient for gaining ranking. It should be noted that not all external backlinks provide value. Many high authority site backlinks can be “no follow” and therefore provide no value. Both quantity and quality matter for links. Paying for low-quality links that are out of context with your web page content provides no ranking value.

While social networking websites themselves may not provide valuable backlinks. Connections made through these sites with other users often do provide a source for high-quality links.

SEO has an important place in your strategy to ensure that “all the benefits” of your website related activities are attributed to your website by the search engines.

The SEO strategy should in this scenario be one of compliance, building and maintaining your website authority.

Other Strategies

Post submission adjustments are important because websites are continually being updated and improved. Content should be kept fresh and relevant.

Alternative content categories should be used to create complementary interest where category rankings fluctuate based on seasonal factors.

Out of date information and web pages should be removed and sitemaps updated with current web page information.


The key to being successful is understanding which strategy best suits your website category and marketing objectives.

The SEO basics are important to all websites, internal website optimization affects internet presence, authority, and ranking.

If you take away nothing else from this series of SEO basics, SEO analysis and SEO strategy blogs I hope that you will see that the “devil is in the detail”

Having a clear understanding of your strategy, doing the necessary analysis and carefully complying with the SEO basics are the keys to success.

Remember not all web categories are the same, a high ranking can be achieved by being slightly better than your competition and the difficulty depends on the level of competition in the category.

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